Protest (“Opgestaan” summarised)

The book “Opgestaan” (Frederik Mulder, 2010) summarised for English-speaking friends in video format. It deals with students’ struggle for faith at Tukkies in the years 2001–2006. Note: this is a 7-part video series. Protest Part 1: Preface (above) Protest Part 2: Overview Protest Part 3: Progressive Strategies Protest Part 4: Progressives Occupying Protest Part 5: Progressive Discrimination Protest Part 6: Progressive Militants Protest Part 7: Banned For The Bodily Resurrection Of Jesus Also see: Die Afrikaans book “Opgestaan” (Frederik Mulder,…

Bishop JC Ryle & Dr Lee Gatiss

Also see: Realignment in England: Orthodoxy and Unorthodoxy: Video sources: Interview with Revd Prof Gerald Bray: Revd Dr Lee Gatiss:

Dr Peter Head

Part 1 Dr Peter Head blog on the Karen King Jesus’ Wife saga: Part 2

Dr Martin Holdt

The life and legacy of Dr Martin Holdt Sermon series of Dr Martin Holdt can be watched here: Order “The Man in the Gap. The Life and Ministry of Martin Petersen Holdt” here:South Africa: States: David Holdt audiobooks: http://www.spurgeonaudiobooks.comRev Jonathan Holdt:

Orthodoxy and Unorthodoxy in the Church of England

Internal debates about orthodoxy and unorthodoxy inside the Church of England have been going on for centuries. The new contribution this academic paper hopes to make is to provide an outsider’s view of these issues which will incorporate personal experiences, historical analyses, doctrinal developments, and diversifications, reflecting on three test cases, engagement with recent voices, and finally, retrospective reflection on key biblical texts which suggest that faithfulness to Scripture should lead to realignment from a dividing Church of England. The…

Exploiting John Stott

On Monday 26 July 2021, the Primate of Australia, The Most Reverend Geoffrey Smith, wrote a letter to fellow Bishops in the Anglican Church of Australia, relying on John Stott for national church unity. In this video I explore key details of Smith’s agenda, demonstrating how John Stott is exploited against the background that Stott stated in 1995 that he would have to leave the Church of England if an alternative to heterosexual marriage is approved. I also include insights…