Recognizing False Teachers

Recognizing False Teachers

Outline of the video “Recognizing False Teachers”:

Section I

1. Introduction
2. Conversation Tone
3. Necessity
4. Seriousness
5. Characteristics
6. Measuring Sticks
   i. Sola Scriptura
  ii. Witness of the Holy Spirit
 iii. Reliability of Scripture
  iv. Scripture in Context
   v. Confessions of Faith

Section II

Basic Principles of German Enlightenment / English Deism, i.e. characteristics of liberal theology that are typically found in (some) false teachers
  1. Reason / contemporary intellectual preferences
  2. A supernatural reality is often denied
  3. The distance between the Bible and today
  4. The Bible is amended/adapted/altered

Historical Jesus
  “Mythical Jesus” David F. Strauss
  “Hellenistic Jesus” Adolf Von Harnack
  “Apocalyptic Jesus” Albert Schweitzer
  “Aryan Jesus” Walter Grundmann
  “Fatherless Jesus” Andries van Aarde
  “Black Revolution Jesus” Allan Boesak

Test Case: Allan Boesak (“Black Revolution Jesus”)
  – his conception of God
  – foolishness of the cross, and wisdom (1 Cor)
  – resurrection (Luke 24) vs. revolution

The video briefly looked at the article by Allan Boesak: “The divine favour of the unworthy: When the Fatherless Son meets the Black Messiah” ( ).
Summary from the article: “This article engages with Andries van Aarde’s 2001 work on the historical Jesus, Fatherless in Galilee: Jesus as Child of God. … The article finds that Van Aarde’s fatherless Jesus opens up heretofore unexplored possibilities for the ongoing discussion with liberation theologies, in particular Black liberation theology. However, it raises the question whether Van Aarde does justice to his own new insights by interacting with Western theological scholarship alone. The fatherless Jesus and the Black Messiah meet in South Africa, where the cause of the fatherless Jesus has been so shamefully betrayed and where the divine favour of the Black Messiah needs to be gloriously embraced.”

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