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Get involved

Currently our work comprises ~3 video productions per month (some in English, other in Afrikaans) on a variety of relevant issues impacting Christians.

We hope that our ministry will assist in empowering believers to reject what is false, embrace what is true, and align themselves with denominations and local churches where sound doctrine is cherished and preserved.

From the “About the ministry” page

Feel free to make contact per email at or through the Facebook page “Evangelical Platform“.
If you find the videos meaningful, please share it with those who will be encouraged or equipped by it. Thanks to everyone who makes contact and your prayers. If you are interested in supporting Evangelical Platform ministry for future video series, writings and general research, please consider contributing through the Standard Bank account.

Ferdie Mulder
Standard Bank (South Africa)
Cheque account: 10176969789
Branch code: 051001

For international donations

Follow the YouTube channel at “Evangelical Platform“.