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Compromise in love and faith

J.I. Packer walking our of synod: Dr Peter Sanlon: Rev Stephen Kneale:

Recognizing False Teachers

Outline of the video “Recognizing False Teachers”: Section I 1. Introduction2. Conversation Tone3. Necessity4. Seriousness5. Characteristics6. Measuring Sticks   i. Sola Scriptura  ii. Witness of the Holy Spirit iii. Reliability of Scripture  iv. Scripture in Context   v. Confessions of Faith Section II Basic Principles of German Enlightenment / English Deism, i.e. characteristics of liberal theology that are typically found in (some) false teachers  1. Reason / contemporary intellectual preferences  2. A supernatural reality is often denied  3. The distance between the Bible…

Anglican compromise

Also see: J.I. Packer Walkout Why Leave The Church Of England? Dr Peter Sanlon’s Free Church of England Reception

J.I. Packer walkout

In 2002 J.I. Packer walked out of Synod over same-sex unions. Will Evangelicals in England do the same in 2020? Time-Stamps for Quick Reference: 00:00 Introduction 03:09 “Positively Anglican” (Church Society, 2016) 05:06 Overview 1948-1978 14:24 John Stott Q&A in “Balanced Christianity” (2nd ed.) 16:28 J.I. Packer walkout Also see: “How Anglicans in Canada Found New Life After Their Eviction” ( ) “Why I Walked” ( )

Confessional Seminary Takeovers

Dr Frederik Mulder academia page: Video time-stamps:0.32 University of Stellenbosch1.37 University of Pretoria1.55 John Piper2.04 Wheaton College2.08 Fuller Theological Seminary2.18 University of Munich3.00 G.C. Berkouwer3.06 R.C. Sproul3.10 Free University Amsterdam3.45 Abraham Kuyper4.22 Herman Bavinck6.58 Harry Kuitert8.06 Klaas Hendrikse8.28 II Timothy 3:12-179.30 Robert Yarborough10.26 Confessional colleges Robert Yarborough interview: Confessional colleges:George Whitefield College: Covenant Theological Seminary: Bethlehem College and Seminary: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Protest (“Opgestaan” summarised)

The book “Opgestaan” (Frederik Mulder, 2010) summarised for English-speaking friends in video format. It deals with students’ struggle for faith at Tukkies in the years 2001–2006. Note: this is a 7-part video series. Protest Part 1: Preface (above) Protest Part 2: Overview Protest Part 3: Progressive Strategies Protest Part 4: Progressives Occupying Protest Part 5: Progressive Discrimination Protest Part 6: Progressive Militants Protest Part 7: Banned For The Bodily Resurrection Of Jesus Also see: Die Afrikaans book “Opgestaan” (Frederik Mulder,…