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Exploiting John Stott

On Monday 26 July 2021, the Primate of Australia, The Most Reverend Geoffrey Smith, wrote a letter to fellow Bishops in the Anglican Church of Australia, relying on John Stott for national church unity. In this video I explore key details of Smith’s agenda, demonstrating how John Stott is exploited against the background that Stott stated in 1995 that he would have to leave the Church of England if an alternative to heterosexual marriage is approved. I also include insights…

Back to the Bible Mission

“DIE IN OUR BOOTS working for the Lord Jesus Christ” In conversation with my father and mother, “Baba” Shai Mulder and “Mama” Elreza Mulder on 6 July 2021. Back to the Bible Mission, Valley of Mercy. Sheba Siding, Ext

Who is Dr Frederik Mulder?

Questions and Answers in the video Tell us more about the house you grew up in. What were some of your experiences growing up in South Africa, and how did you handle issues like apartheid? What did you do before entering ministry and biblical studies and what led you to pursue ministry? Are there areas that you’ve had to take a stand for the Gospel and if yes, can you elaborate? How did you get through those times? How did…